Best Newborn Photographer NYC ~ Zoe Hiigli Studio

When I look back at those days when you were just a dream in my heart…I had no idea. I had no idea the incredible person you would become. I had no idea how my heart would stretch and grow with every day of being your mom.

Today I wish I could go back. I wish I could go back and hold you as an infant. I wish I could smell your skin and rock you just a little longer. I wish I could be still and feel that moment just one more time.

When I look at pictures of you in your toddler years with your round cheeks and pudgy hands, I smile. Inside my heart breaks a little bit because I wish I could squeeze you as you ask me a billion questions in your tiny voice, just one more time.

You're laying on the couch next to me with your giant feet protruding under a fleece blanket and a book in your hands. How and where has this time gone, I think. I can remember when you were just a whisper and a glimmer of a dream. And here you are, this giant girl that will be a woman when I blink just a few more times.

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