Smiling Newborn photographed by Zoe Hiigli Studio, NYC on Jan 30, 2017
Remember this cutie? Well, he came back to the studio and brought his little brother with him! I can't even describe how happy it makes me to see a family over and over again. Since we already know each other, the session is much more relaxed, and fun! And, I get to show off all my new tricks, props and setups!

I'm so proud of this very special photo. Sibling shots with a 17-month-old is nearly impossible, especially this one because what toddler wants to lay down? None of them! lol It takes a lot of patience, bribery, distraction, and positive reinforcement. The odds were in my favor though because Big Brother was happy about his new baby and gave kisses on demand! Dad swore I wouldnt get it but 15 minutes later it happened, just like magic! So sweet!
Brothers by Zoe Hiigli Studio, NYC on july 18, 2018

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